Elegant Rumba is recognized as the premier salsa dance company in Southwest Florida, and is the home of international Salsa stars, Nery Garcia and Giana Montoya, winners of 2011’s “Southwest Florida’s Got Talent” Competition. Elegant Rumba Dance Company specializes in its own brand of LA-Style salsa which contains the flash of traditional LA-Style Salsa, but with the signature Elegant Rumba smoothness, elegance, SABOR (flavor), and musicality, that draws students from all over the world to learn this envied style, which was created by Nery Garcia.

Elegant Rumba Dance Company’s owner/founder, Nery Garcia, is a Youtube sensation and is an innovator in both the realms of dance instruction and performing. Our classes are known for their vibrant energy, diversity, and a high teaching level while having the time of your life. Whether you are a beginner just looking to learn the basics, or an intermediate to advanced salsa addict, Nery Garcia and the amazing trained staff at Elegant Rumba will help you build a solid foundation for your total salsa dance enjoyment!

Elegant Rumba provides Group and Private Dance lessons, offers a complete (and growing) Instructional dance DVD line, and is available for performances and teaching at congresses and events locally, nationally, and world-wide. 

Come and join our amazing dance family that will enhance your health, ignite your passion, and open new doors to your life!


Salsa Classes

Salsa Classes Begin Monday December 7, 2015 (7pm)


 1month Salsa Class $50 (add $2 paypal fee)













Elegant Rumba Dancers