Dance Floor Courtesy

Social dances are classified as either progressive or spot dances. In progressive dances such as foxtrot, waltz, etc., the rule is to move around the floor only in a counterclockwise direction. This also includes the patterns that take the man backwards. In spot dances, such as the swing, cha cha, rumba, etc., the couple should try to keep as much as possible in and around the small area where they began dancing. Other dancers’ space should be respected.

When the dance music is such that it permits more than one type of dance, such as a foxtrot or swing, the swing dancers should go towards the center of the dance floor thereby making it possible for the foxtrot dancers to move freely around the outside of the dance floor. Dance patterns in which the forward movement is temporarily suspended should be executed in the center or fringes of the dance floor, unless one is sure the dance flow will not be impeded. This courtesy also applies to newer dancers, moving towards the center allows the experienced dancers to really move around the outside of the floor.